Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamics goes further than organics, with an emphasis on enhancing the life in the soil and the health of the vine. There are very strict standards for a wine to be labelled as "biodynamic wine". If you're looking for quality biodynamic wine, check out our biodynamic range below, including top selections from France, Italy, Austria and more!

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Biodynamic wine is made by using specially activated composts and sprays made from farm-derived manure to which minerals and plant extracts are added. Furthermore, vineyard and winemaking practices may be timed according to the moon and planets. There are very strict standards for a bottle to be labelled as biodynamic wine. The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is the certifying body that ensures that all biodynamic wine is produced biodynamically and follows the principles of anthroposophy—or the understanding of the spiritual, ecological, and energetic aspects of the earth.

Biodynamic wine is often considered superior to conventional wines, with better flavour, superior aroma, and more pleasant texture. Growers find that the biodynamic method yields a better growth balance, and ideal sugar content for the wine.