Organic Cognac

Cognac is the most well-known and beloved Brandy in the world. Enjoy our range of outstanding Cognacs from pioneering organic producer Guy Pinard. True Cognac is only produced by a handful of companies, most of which do not adhere to sustainable vine agriculture due to the substantial cost and additional labour. Guy Pinard, though, is one such company that has gone out of its way to produce organic Cognac. The white grapes used are cultivated using sustainable methods that exclude the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Organic since 1969, they were one of the first producers to be certified. Enjoy neat as an aperitif or add a drop of water to release even more flaovurs.

Cognac’s roots date back to the 16th-century, where it was originally formulated by Dutch settlers visiting the town of Cognac, France, to trade supplies with the local merchants. The “Cognac” name can only be used if the brandy is made in the southwestern France region under the strict guidelines set forth by the Bureau National Interprofessionel du Cognac (BNIC). Cognac is also special due to the length of time they have been given to age. Under BNIC regulations, Cognac must be aged a minimum of 30 months in caskets made from oak derived from the forested regions of Troncais and Limousin. The distillation must also take place between early November and the end of March during the peak of the harvest.

Each bottle of true Cognac comes with a specific designation denoting the age of the contents inside the bottle. The V.S. designation means the bottle has aged for a minimum of two years. A V.S.O.P designation means the bottle is at least five years old, and the label Napolean and X.O. means the bottle is a minimum of four years old, though often much older. Pinard age their Cognacs for even longer, 3 years for V.S., 6 for V.S.O.P. and 10 for their Napoleon Cognac.

Cognac has a diverse tasting profile. Seasoned drinkers are often able to identify spicy and flower notes in younger Cognac, while aged varieties often have honey and marmalade notes. Depending on the brand, subtle hints of nuts and vanilla may also be detected by the palate. Whether you prefer to immediately drink your Cognac or prefer to swirl it in your glass before taking a sip, you won’t get the best tasting experience unless you pick up an organic bottle.