Organic Armagnac

Dating back to the 14th-century, Armagnac the oldest Brandy in France. Domaine de Saoubis is one of the few producers in the region using completely organic and biodynamic methods to make their exellent organic Armagnic. Enjoy Armagnac served neat, at room temperature, in a bowl or tulip glass.

Armagnac is named after the region where it originated in southwest France. It’s distilled from wine using column stills in place of pot stills and then left to age in oak barrels. Though in the minority, these Armagnac producers have invested deeply in biodynamic and organic vine culture.

Armagnac is distinguishable from other Brandy thanks in part to the use of an alembic ‘armagnacais’ during production. This is a copper apparatus that distills the wine in a single, continuous process. This essentially produces the same results as double distillation while cutting down on time and energy. In addition, distillation is also typically carried out at a very low degree, typically around 53%-54% alcohol, in order to preserve the grape’s natural aromas and flavours.

Armagnac also must be properly aged. The oak casks used must also meet certain standards. The barrels are made by hand without adhesives or even nails. The oak used must also be aged for a number of years before being lightly charred. This allows the Armagnac to acquire distinct flavours and notes. Once the Armagnac is stored in the barrels, the slow and patient aging process begins. Domaine de Saoubis Bas Armagnac is not only organic but biodynamic as well. If you’re looking for a product that adheres to the strict preparation described, then you can’t go wrong with these two Armagnacs – these Brandies will truly give your palate and taste buds a rare treat.