Organic Austrian Wines

Few people think of Austria as being a wine-producing country, but if you've never had quality organic Austrian wine, you are missing out! Austria is the home of one of our favourite producers: Meinklang. Werner and Angela Michlits run a world-class biodynamic wine estate that is part of a larger traditional farm with cattle and fruit orchards.

While the country has a reputation for its sterling white wines, the reds are not to be overlooked! The red Zweigelt grapes grown in Austria yields full-bodied wines with a deep, rich color and heavily feature the bold flavours of currants. While most Zweigelt wines are bottled to be drunk young, there are a few vintages that taste best aged, such as the Graupert Zweigelt. There, the vines literally grow completely wild and ‘unkempt’. The Graupert Pinot Gris is an orange wine, also grown wild and macerated on the skins for extra flavour and colour.

The Grüner Veltliner wines are perfect for those who want the best Austrian organic wine, as the spicy, refreshing flavours of the small green grapes deliver a medium- to full-bodied wine that has just the right amounts of pear and citrus notes.

Of course, don’t forget the St. Laurent reds, comparable to Pinot Noirand Merlot. The well-structured wines have a soft texture, making them a favourite among those trying Austrian wine for the first time. Our Konkret St. Laurent is very special and aged in cement ‘eggs’ and fermented with natural yeasts only.
If you are looking to celebrate with bubbles, do not miss the fruity sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé called ‘Prosa’.