Organic Whisky

Organic Whiskies come in a wide range of styles, from the light and smooth Highland Harvest blended scotches to the richer single malts such as Benromach or Nc'Nean. Since grain or malt is the prime ingredient, it's important to opt for organic Whisky for the purest aromas and taste.

With the various grains, distillation methods, and aging techniques, it’s no wonder that Whisky has a wide-ranging tasting profile. Every drink has its own unique defining characteristics, and Whisky is distinguishable for its smooth finesse made only possible with naturally grown grains and careful aging. Hold a glass to your nostrils, and you will take in a whiff of the drink’s flavour profile, which almost always carries a strong aromatic hint of toasted barley or whatever the grain used. Depending on the blend, other hints may include a light almond note or a fruity and floral scent. Candied lemon and honey are common ingredients added for a tinge of sour sweetness. When you take a sip, you will immediately feel a tingling sensation that your palate will identify as a smooth spirit with all the textures of malted grain. Whisky especially has a strong finish that can be incredibly fresh and intense in the best possible way.

Whisky has mixed origins, but has a very early history in the Highlands of Scotland. The country to this day remains the homeland where the finest organic Whisky is distilled and bottled. 95% of the grains produced are refined. This is not acceptable for Scottish Whisky makers, who make it their mission to produce the best quality Whisky using age-old tried and true methods. Grains are only acceptable for organic Whisky making if they are organically milled and unexposed to many of today’s chemicals used all too often in modern agriculture.