Organic Riesling Wines

Hailing from Germany, but grown all over the world, Riesling is an aromatic grape with flowery, perfumed aromas and excellent acidity. The whites produced from Riesling grapes range from dry to sweet, with even a few sparkling wines produced. They are varietally pure, and rarely oaked for aging, or blended with other varieties. It is considered one of the "top three" white wine varieties (along with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay).

Riesling is always popular with winemakers and journalists, but less so with mainstream drinkers. The good news is that keeps the prices down for the rest of us! Germany is the home of Riesling, but there are stunning examples from elsewhere, and the value is rarely less than outstanding.

Riesling wine grown in cooler climates tend to have higher acidity, with lemon and apple notes. In warmer climates, Rieslings develop peach and lime notes. Rieslings age very well, and can develop strong notes of smoke, honey, and even a ‘petrol’ aroma!

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