Organic Port Wines

When it comes to tasting profile, a rich and concentrated tawny Port contains an opulent flavour of grapes and may have a hint of additional fruit, such as berries, cherry, and plums. Chocolate and wood notes are also common.

Ports come in many styles, and can be paired with a range of foods, from tapas style appetizers to rich chocolate desserts. If you prefer lighter, drier styles, then go for Casal Jordoes Tawny Port. For something richer, with ripe, dry fruit, then you may enjoy Casal Jordoes Finest Reserve with its hint of raisin and fig.

Vintage Ports are the most famous and revered style made in this region. They are produced from the best grapes, and only in certain years when conditions are perfect. These Ports can be drunk when released, but will also age for years, or even decades.