Organic Fair Trade Wines

The wine-making process is an arduous one. From the moment the vines are planted until the grapes are harvested, mashed, and turned into wine, workers in the vineyards and wineries have to work hard to maintain and maximise the work done by nature in creating great tasting grapes and wines.

But in many countries (such as South Africa, Chile, and Argentina, to name a few), there are no labour laws to protect the workers. That is where fair trade practices come in. Fair trade wine is made by estates that care about the wellbeing of their workers as much as their profits.

Companies like Emiliana Organic in Chile, who produce Adobe and Novas wines among others, really go the extra mile by running further projects to help their workers. For example, they supply tools and land for people to produce and sell their own products, such as honey, olive oil, herbs and vegetables.

We’re proud to support fair trade wines made across the world. Vintage Roots has a wide selection of the best fair trade wines from South Africa, Chile, along with organic liqueurs and other drinks.