Reuilly ‘Les Fossiles’ Sauvignon Blanc


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Loire Sauvignon Blanc, similar to Sancerre but with Chablis-esque minerality

With finesse and precision, this is a very solid example of Sauvignon Blanc from the eastern Loire. It is Sancerre-like, yet with all the minerality of a good Chablis. This can be explained as the soils here sit on the same prized kimmeridgian limestone, as is connected to Chablis. These soils contain a high content of marine and shell fossils dating back to the Jurassic period. The result is a Sauvignon Blanc with impressive minerality. Its aromas are fruity and floral with subtle sweet green herb followed by luscious tastes of tropical fruits.


Mint, white flowers and pineapple, Stylish and mineral


Fruity and floral, Sweet green herb with touch of saline

The Domaine de Reuilly is located in the heart of Reuilly in the eastern Loire, all 18 hectares of its vineyards are situated within the 'commune' (village). Denis Jamain inherited both vineyards and an ancient oak forest from his family, and knew he had to care for both, for future generations. Organic since 2007 and biodynamic in 2011, we are thrilled to have discovered his fine Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines. The terroir here is an essential component, and all the vines are facing the south west on a 15% slope. The clay and limestone soil is littered with a profusion of sea fossils and shells from over 150 million years ago, which is the reason for name and label of these wines. Tremendously expressive and pure, Denis only uses natural fermentation, very light filtering and minimal sulphur.



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  1. It’s a beautiful tasting wine that is smooth and light with a subtle taste that accompanied our food perfectly. Will be ordering again. Thank you

    selinamorena (verified owner)