Fortified & Organic Liqueurs

Appetising sherries are the perfect way to start a meal, and Port is rightly the traditional way to end. Treat yourself to some fine examples with our range of both. Or look to liqueurs for even more varied flavours. Some of the earliest liqueur recipes are found on ancient Greek scrolls and even on Egyptian tombs.
In 13th-century Italy, monks developed their own liqueur recipes using herbs for medicinal use. As trade routes opened, spices were imported, and new flavours were developed, including spices like honey, orange, and ginger.

Today, countless liqueur variations are made all over the world. Fruit-based flavours like berries, mangoes, melons, coconuts, and cumquats are quite common. The best organic liqueurs are made from naturally harvested fruits and not fruit concentrates or even whole fruit derived from farms that use pesticides and fertilisers.

With so many variations, feel free to try the different flavours produced from every corner of the globe. The Pennard Organic Ginger Liqueur is one type renowned for its mellow sweetness and the spicy warmth and medicinal-like taste of ginger root. This is a good option if you’re looking for an alternative to the typical fruit-flavoured wine. If fruit is and has always been your preference, then opt for traditional Crème de Cassis made in France. Cassis contains just the right blend of lush fruit with puckering acidity, and is the classic ingredient in Kirs and Kir Royales, which are wines and sparkling wines with a small amount of cassis added.

Fortified organic wines and liqueurs are excellent for meals. The sweeter texture of Port and liqueurs also makes them a good choice as an after-meal drink or night-cap.