No Sulphur Added Whites Six

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Our first mixed case of six no sulphur added whites, from Pinot Grigio to Chardonnay, all with purity of flavour.

Our first mixed case of No Sulphur Added white wines, which are certainly rarer and more difficult to produce than NS red wines. This case offers great quality drinking, with diversity of grape varieties across the six. Enjoy a popular and rare no sulphur added Prosecco from Giol, along with the popular Giol Pinot Grigio as well. Also included is the lovable Cuvée Secrète Chardonnay from Paul Mas, one of our top-selling Chardonnays all around, along with an Airen, Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend—all with purity of flavour. This six bottle collection is a fantastic introduction to this style and growing category of winemaking for whites.

Reviews for these wines

  • “This is such a lovely Pinot Grigio, full of flavour and very pleasant to drink.”
  • “Was told about this wine by a friend as I have problems with sulphites in wines, what a great find! Lovely and fresh with plenty of fruit, fairly traded as well.”Wasn’t sure at first, but soon came to love it. Very appetising.”
  • “I have a problem with sulphites in wine too and this works for me! Excellent!”
  • “Makes you wonder how much sulphur affects tastes of modern wines. I really enjoyed the taste and is the first time I could taste floral notes in a white wine.”


Creamy and soft


Expressive soft white fruit

Our mixed cases are hand-picked selections of our top organic wines and drinks to ensure you get the very best selections at the best value. They’re made up of wines and drinks from tried and trusted organic winemakers, many of whom we have dealt with for decades. We hold organic certificates for all the estates we buy from.


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