Giol Prosecco Frizzante Sur Lie No Added Sulphur (75cl)


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Distinctively full-flavoured wonderfully 'natural' Prosecco.

Our first ‘no sulphur added’ Prosecco from the innovative Giol estate is distinctively full-flavoured and dry, having been produced ‘sur lie’. This process of lees ageing (resting on the yeasts) adds notes of crusty bread and white peach to this fizz. Please note this live and natural wine can appear a little cloudy towards the bottom, as it contains some harmless yeast deposits.


Baked green apple, Ripe citrus


Upfront citrus fruit with hints of wisteria

With a history spanning all the way back to 1427, this venerable old estate in San Polo di Piave is still at the forefront of quality wine production in the Piave region of north-east Italy. In fact, this is the oldest documented winery in Italy. It was in 1919 that the Giol family first became owners of the estate, which includes a castle, a winery and extensive landholdings comprising woodland and, of course, an expanse of vineyards. As a certified organic, ethical and environmentally friendly winery producing award-winning sparkling and still wines exclusively from grapes grown on their historic La Bicana, Il Bassonet, Le Gerette and Spiridiona estates, Giol seeks to combine the highest quality with the greatest respect for the environment. All 25 hectares of vineyards have been farmed using organic methods since 1986. Grapes are harvested in the coolest hours of the day in order to protect their natural aromas. Soils are alluvial and largely gravelly, with medium texture and good fertility. In summer the climate offers average daytime temperatures of 28-30 degrees while the presence of the hills helps to bring about a thermal temperature variation of up to 18 degrees in the evenings. Wines with natural acidity and freshness are the result. Indeed, Vittorio Carraro prides himself on producing fresh, vibrant and immediately enjoyable wines which are honest, estate grown, and certified organic made with great respect for the environment and the people who work the land. Giol do not use herbicides, but they enrich soil with organic matter, nitrogen and trace elements. They also use vegetable and mineral fertilisers to avoid groundwater and soil pollution. Manual harvest is carried out at optimum technological ripeness, crushing-destemming, gentle pressing, cold settling and the addition of cultured yeasts allied to controlled fermentation is followed by racking and a light clarification to stabilise the proteins and subsequent careful filtration. Only finings from non-animal derivatives are used, ensuring that all Giol wines are vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as being organic. A number of Giol wines also contain only a very low level of sulphur, ensuring that they possess a more authentic aroma, they are more pleasurable to taste and easier to digest. These wines are far less likely to cause an allergic or intolerance reactions.


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  1. Dry and different

    I like no added sulphur wines, and this is the first prosecco I’ve tried with no sulphur. It’s really delicious, much drier than normal prosecco, and more refreshing.


  2. Unusual and good

    Definitely different to any other prosecco I’ve had, especially the cloudiness! Taste was very nice and less sweet than most.


  3. Dry

    Like the no sulphur pinot grigio, this is different to normal prosecco but very very nice. Tell your friends it’s cloudy before pouring their glass!


  4. Horrible

    I understand that usually no sulphites gives a different taste but this was horrible. `i don’t mind dry and I don’t mind cloudy, but it smelt of rotting wood when opened and even after leaving it for a while, it still smelt the same and tasted mouldy. Tried to persevere to give it a good chance, but threw second glass, followed by rest of bottle, down the sink. I could not take off the one star, but would definitely have given it a minus.

    Susan Watson

  5. Distinctive

    Different to the normal sweet proseccos I’ve tried before. Wasn’t sure at first, but soon came to love it. Very appetising


  6. Very good

    I really like this, I can see why some people might be less keen as it’s different to supermarket prosecco. Definitely not as sweet, and it’s quite cloudy! I’m happy to have it like that if it means it’s more natural!


  7. Clean

    Tastes clean – probably because it’s less sweet. Very refreshing and light.