Nc’nean Huntress 2022 Single Malt - Spring Release


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A 2022 release uniquely made with the addition of yeast traditionally used in rum production.  

Introducing Nc’neans first spring seasonal release from their new series of whiskies, Huntress. This series brings to light Nc’nean’s ongoing pursuit of new flavours in whisky making and their love for innovation. Unusual to scotch whisky, the addition of yeast traditionally used in rum production brings out a rich minerality alongside delectable flavours of tropical fruits and honeycomb in this luscious 2022 release. The right yeast is fundamental to making whisky, creating not just alcohol, but also the most intriguing flavours. While many distillers experiment when it comes to casks and some experiment with barley, Nc’nean are among a smaller group to experiment with yeasts, which can result in all sorts of brilliant flavours.

This series is all about the ethos of discovery, of walking one’s own path, and is inspired by Neacheohain, an ancient huntress. She was the Queen of Spirits in ancient Gaelic legend, a goddess of wild animals, the hills the rivers and the moon.



Creamy tropical fruits and honeycomb, Rich minerality


Honeycomb, Tropical fruit

Annabel Thomas started Nc’nean to change the way the world thinks about Scotch. Her mission was to create a whisky which could exist in harmony with this planet we call home. After leaving her job in London in 2013, she spent four years raising funds and building the distillery from the ground up on the west coast of Scotland. Distilling since 2017 their single malt is their first whisky on the market. They use organic Scottish barley in a distillery powered by renewable energy and recycle 99.97% of their waste. Bottled in a 100% recycled clear glass bottle.


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