Nc’nean Botanical Spirit


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A unique gin-like spirit flavoured with a mix of traditional gin botanicals and locally foraged Scottish plants.

This innovative gin-like spirit starts off as a whisky spirit that’s then redistilled with a unique combination of classic gin botanicals and locally foraged Scottish ones, including juniper, heather, wild thyme and bog myrtle. Perfect for gin lovers, the barley spirit base makes a nice difference here, adding a malty, fruity undertone that plays exceptionally well with the chosen botanicals. Fresh & floral with a rich undertone, this unique botantical spirit is perfect in any classic gin cocktail or with any tonic water like a G&T. If you have any on hand, a dash of your favourite bitters is also a delightful addition.



Fresh and floral with rich undertones

Annabel Thomas started Nc’nean to change the way the world thinks about Scotch. Her mission was to create a whisky which could exist in harmony with this planet we call home. After leaving her job in London in 2013, she spent four years raising funds and building the distillery from the ground up on the west coast of Scotland. Distilling since 2017 their single malt is their first whisky on the market. They use organic Scottish barley in a distillery powered by renewable energy and recycle 99.97% of their waste. Bottled in a 100% recycled clear glass bottle.


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