Recommended Wines and Drinks for Dry January

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The start of the year is often a time for new beginnings, good thoughts and adjusting life’s balances. You may be attempting to partake in ‘Dry January’ (or even a Dry-ish one!), so we’ve highlighted some recommended ‘low and no’ organic wines and drinks here. As always, these alcohol free/low alcohol wines and drinks are all 100% organic and made by producers we know and trust.

Lower Alcohol Organic Wines

Many of us prefer not to eliminate alcohol completely and opt for a sort of January detox instead … a ‘Dry-ish’ January. Generally speaking, whites and rosés contain less alcohol than reds, so you’ll find more whites and rosé wines in this category. We have plenty of low alcohol organic wines (12% ABV or less) that can be enjoyed all year round – here are some excellent choices with lower amounts of alcohol.

The lowest of our lower alcohol organic red wines is from Austria’s Meinklang made from a mesmerizing blend of St. Laurent and Zweigelt 50% Zweigelt and 50%. This very lightly natural red wine really impressed Jancis Robinson’s taster Tamlyn Currin, who noted she could  ‘drink this every day of her life!’

For another lower alcohol red wine (12%), try Mont’Albano’s Valpolicella, a delicious smooth red with soft black cherry and raspberry described by one of our customers as a ‘perfect everyday drinking‘ red.

For another excellent 12% red, try the Moinho do Gato Douro, a delightfully fragrant red wine from Portugal’s Douro Valley that evokes the special nature of the region.

Akin to a bigger flavoured style Pinot Noir with some oak ageing, the Theodorus St Laurent is our third red from this excellent estate with 12% ABV as well.

At 8.5% ABV, our lowest alcohol wine at the moment is this Riesling Kabinett Sonnenuhr from Timo Dienhart in the Mosel Valley, a region for known for some of the world’s best Riesling wines.

For an organic low alcohol white, our popular Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc (11.5%) is a fresh and lively white from Spain that also supports the work of the Born Free Foundation.

Original price was: £10.25.Current price is: £9.99.

For an organic low alcohol rosé, Meinklang’s Prosa Frizzante is a bright and breezy biodynamic Austrian rosé that’s lightly sparkling. Fun fact: It was originally created by the winemakers for their own wedding.

Original price was: £14.50.Current price is: £12.99.

Another excellent recommended wine from Meinklang is their popular Gruner Veltliner. This wine has a lovely, citrus, mineral freshness, with customers noting how much flavour it has despite its lower alcohol content.

If you love sparkling wine but are also looking to cut back in January, you may be pleased to know that sparkling wines generally contain less alcohol. We have plenty to choose from that are under 12% ABV. Giol’s Organic Prosecco Spumante is an ultra-fashionable Italian pétillant wine with attractive pear-like fruits and hints of melted butter with top reviews.

A Low Alcohol (20%) Organic Gin!

If you love your Gins, Fatty’s Pink Grapefruit Gin halves the amount of alcohol found in a typical Gin, but without any compromise on top botanical flavour. Enjoy with tonic, a wedge of pink grapefruit and some black peppercorns.

Alcohol Free Options

Those who don’t drink alcohol for whatever the reason will appreciate our Alcohol Free Six, which contains 2x bottles of Opia’s Sparkling Chardonnay along with 2x bottles of Vinnuendo’s new Merlot and 2x of the still Chardonnay.

Original price was: £37.86.Current price is: £35.00.

The Opia range is from an innovative organic winery Pierre Chavin in France’s Languedoc-Roussillon that focuses on making quality alcohol free organic wines.

Their no-sulphur-added/no-alcohol Alcohol Free Cabernet Rosé has redcurrant and raspberry aromas along with mouthwatering notes of pink grapefruit on the palate.

For a no alochol organic white, Opia’s Alcohol Free Chardonnay is a fresh and lively alcohol-free Chardonnay with aromas of acacia and peach, combined with a touch of citrus and vanilla.

Note, we also stock an Opia alcohol-free red (Cabernet Sauvignon) and sparkling wine (made from Chardonnay), but we’re currently out of stock. You can sign up to be notified when they’re back in stock though!

Alcohol Free Pri Seccos (Sparkling Beverages)

We have three delicious and unique sparkling ‘Pri Seccos’ available from our friend and previous winemaker Jörg Geiger. His Pri Secco – Organic Cuvée Nr 25 Alcohol Free is made from a base of heritage apple and pear varieties, to which hawthorn and blackcurrant are added, along with freshly gathered douglas fir tips, sloes and spices. Simply delicious!

The Organic Apple Rose Mint Pri Secco is fruity and light, with lively raspberry and blackberry flavours, with a fresh sweet & sour interplay between the garden mint and added spices.

Alcohol Free Beers

Riedenburger Dolden Null is our favourite alcohol free organic beer. It has top quality/is full of flavour and you would hardly know it’s not a ‘normal’ beer.

Another popular alcohol free beer is St Peter’s Without, a zero alcohol craft beer that tastes as good as the real thing. It’s suitable for both lager and ale drinkers.

Organic Soft Drinks (& Mixers)

Made with organic ginger from Sri Lanka, Gingerella Ginger Ale is clean, crisp and appropriately fiery. Enjoy on its own or as a mixer too.

This 2018 Great Taste Awards-winning Gusto Organic’s Real Cherry Cola is the world’s first organic take on this classic flavour. An exquisite blend of organic cherry juice, fairtrade Madagascan vanilla and a blend of organic spices, essential oils and cola nut.

Another Gusto Organic drink, their Sicilian Blood Orange is a celebration of the wonderful Sicilian citrus fruit, which also has notes of berry fruit.

Ashridge’s Organic Sparkling Elderflower Pressé is also an excellent choice. Light, floral, and beautifully aromatic, enjoy on its on or as a mixer in a G&T.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of alcohol free and low alcohol organic wines and drinks – do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions about our products.

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