Low Alcohol Wines & More

Our organic low alcohol wines allow you to keep your unit consumption low while still enjoying everything you love about your wine. These lower alcohol wines are all 12% ABV or lower, ideal for those who want something lighter – or just want to reduce their unit intake. Low alcohol wine is no less fragrant or flavourful, but it contains a lower alcohol content. If you’re looking for alcohol free, you can find those options here.

Low Alcohol Wines

What is low alcohol wine?

The average bottle of wine has between 12 and 15% ABV. Lower alcohol wines are usually 12% ABV or lower, ideal for those who want lighter flavours or just want to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume. Even though low alcohol wine contains a lower alcohol content, it’s no less tasteful or fragrant.

You can read more about low-alcohol and alcohol-free wines in our Guide to Organic Alcohol-Free Wine.

Is low alcohol wine healthy?

A report by Wine Intelligence found that an increased focus on wellness and working to sustain a healthier lifestyle in recent times has led to at least one-third of wine drinkers moderating their consumption. Drinking low-alcohol or alcohol-free wine can help improve sleep quality, weight management and help with your immune response.

What is the difference between low-alcohol wine and alcohol-free wine?

Legally, wine needs to have a minimum alcohol content of 1.2% ABV or more, and to be classed as alcohol-free, will have 0.05% ABV or less, whereas low alcohol wines are all 12% ABV or lower. If you’re looking for alcohol-free wines, we do recommend the Opia range or our Pri Seccos.

Our recommended organic low alcohol wines

There are many organic low-alcohol wines to choose from. For low alcohol white wines, there is a lot more choice. Our Wild Thing Sauvignon Blanc (11.5%) is a popular choice and we also recommend Timo Dienhart’s Riesling Kabinett Sonnenuhr (8.5%).

For a low alcohol red wine, try Meinklang’s Roter Mulatschak, a natural biodynamic wine from Austria with just 11.5%. Or try Mont’albano’s easy going Valpolicella, which has just 12% alcohol.