Alcohol Free Six

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Great refreshment all round, all at a great price too!

A selection of innovative alcohol free drinks made using organic grapes. These have been carefully produced to retain many of the complex flavours of regular wine, and are perfect for any non-drinker or driver. Two bottles of Pierre Chavin’s delicious no sparkling Opia Chardonnay that also has no added sulphites. This 0% fizz has a creamy mousse and big flavours of white pear, green apple and refreshing lime for all to enjoy. Also included are 2x bottles of Vinnuendo’s new Merlot and 2x of the Chardonnay, which both picked up Gold at the 2023 International Organic Awards. Great refreshment all ’round, all at a great price too!


Various, mixed


Various, mixed

Our mixed cases are hand-picked selections of our top organic wines and drinks to ensure you get the very best selections at the best value. They’re made up of wines and drinks from tried and trusted organic winemakers, many of whom we have dealt with for decades. We hold organic certificates for all the estates we buy from.


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