Walcher ‘Venticinque’ Bio Bitters


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Concentrated Bio bitters are perfect for cocktails. A little goes a long way.

Yes it’s here, an organic version of the classic Campari. This too is made to an original Italian recipe with 25 herbs and fruit extracts. With intense botanical flavours, and candied spice, it carries a subtle softening sweetness. Can be enjoyed on its own, over ice or soda with a slice of orange. Why not mix up your own organic version of negroni and taste the difference!


Akin to turbo charged Campari


Heady bittersweet herbs and fruits

Biostilla are based in the sun-drenched South Tyrolean farmlands, with all their fruit coming from certified organic farmsteads. The distillery has a long tradition and has now been producing high quality spirits for nine generations. "During the distillation process, we extract nothing Mother Nature hasn't put there, herself." Theodor Walcher (Master Distiller)


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