Stellar No Added Sulphur White

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A welcome return of our No Added Sulphur white from the excellent Stellar estate in South Africa.

This limited release Stellar Organics wine does it all: no added sulphur, organic, fair trade and vegan friendly, but it’s more than just a box-ticker. This 100% Colombard (similar in style to Sauvignon Blanc) is only made in the best vintages (so get it while you can!) and shows a lovely wild flower and honey nose and real tangy freshness on the finish. It has a deeper colour than one would expect in such a young wine, which is because sulphur has a bleaching effect on the colour of ‘normal’ wines.

  • 87 Points – The Wine Gang, ‘From one of the world’s biggest producers of no added sulphur wines, this Colombard coudn’t be more right-on if it came wearing sandals and a hipster beard: organic, fair trade and vegan friendly too. High with floral notes, some herbal character and very punchy on the aromatics, the palate is cool and clear, with a zippy acidity, in a Sauvignon Blanc lovers style. Nothing left-field about the stuff in the bottle.‘ August 2016 (2015 vintage)

Fair trade – Certified Fair For Life


Cool, Refreshing juicy fruit


Summer blossom, Tangy citrus fruit

Stellar Winery is situated 275 kilometres north of Cape Town, just outside Vredendal on the road to Namibia. This is an area famous for its spring flowers and is the only semi-arid biosphere hotspot in the world. The company is a joint venture created by the Roussouw brothers in 2000 between four farmers and the winemaking cellar, which now has the capacity to handle 900 tonnes of organic grapes from these independent farms straddling the northern boundary of the Olifants river wine region and Namaqualand. Working closely with the farmers, winemaker Klaas Coetzee, produces a excellent range of wines with great consistency and no small amount of individual flair. The coastal location of their vineyards contributes to the unique characteristics of their wines. Unlike other wineries in the Olifants River region, these vineyards are located closer to the Atlantic Ocean, and are constantly cooled by the sea breeze giving a lovely freshness to the wines. There is very little light pollution in this area, allowing excellent views of the magnificent cosmic displays in the night sky which give the winery its name. Stellar have been pioneers in ethical practices: workers on the farms and in the winery, including seasonal workers, own 26% of the enterprise through shares in the Stellar Empowerment Trust. The first vintage from organically-grown grapes was released in 2001 and since then the cellar’s output has grown to over two million bottles a year. The winery's reputation is now solidly built on innovative winemaking, eco-friendly farming and production and fair trading. The no-added-sulphur wine range, created in 2004, has been so successful that today Stellar is the world’s leading producer in this category. It is often said, and rightly so, that the production of quality wines begins in the vineyards. This has never been truer for Stellar Winery than now. The benefits of new technology, including minimised losses and oxidisation, spurred Stellar Winery into action. In their quest for quality wines and minimised losses, the team realised that with high-density planting came benefits for producers, but also the need for specialised equipment. A new high-tech harvesting machine was purchased. The initial cost of this new multifunctional machine harvester is rapidly recovered, as better quality grapes are delivered.


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  1. Excellent



  2. Great recommendation!

    Was told about this wine by a friend as I have problems with sulphites in wines, what a great find! Lovely and fresh with plenty of fruit, fairly traded as well.


  3. Excellent

    Lovely wine – very easy to drink, and no hangover!


  4. Lovely

    Very enjoyable white wine. Easy drinking, not too dry or sharp


  5. Fabulous wine

    I have a problem with sulphites in wine too and this works for me! Excellent!

    Amanda (verified owner)

  6. Lovely

    A fantastic wine that has no sulphur – what more can you ask for!


  7. Terrible!

    Sorry to say this is the first bottle of no sulphur organic I have tried and it was aweful. In fact I left most of the bottle. It was oxidised and tasted of the cheapest wine you get served in pubs. One star is one star too many, perhaps I got a bad bottle, who knows, but it really was aweful


  8. Perfect for January!

    What I love about this, apart from the taste, is that I can feel like I’m staying healthy while drinking it! Lower alcohol, no sulphur, fair trade, etc


  9. Great

    Great value for money, would buy this one again.


  10. a very uninteresting wine

    this is my first no sulphur wine, it is so weak and has hardly any flavour, i am so disappointing,, not as expected

    bn johnsen

  11. Refreshing

    Light, spritzy, easy-drinking. Great for ‘summer’


  12. Excellent

    I don’t personally like white wine but introduced my wife to her first bottle of no added sulphur and she thoroughly enjoyed it.


  13. Vintage Roots and no sulphur wines

    All of Stellar Organics wines are very enjoyable and moderately priced for no sulphur varieties. It is noticeable that there is a lot less ‘morning after’ effects than the sulphur wines, so worth the money. Vintage Roots are always efficient with their orders and on the rare occasion that a problem has occurred, it is quickly resolved.


  14. Makes you wonder how much sulphur affects tastes of modern wines. I really enjoyed the taste and is the first time I could taste floral notes in a white wine.

    Nathan (verified owner)