Iranzo Spartico Tempranillo Cabernet No Sulphur Added


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Excellent Spanish red made with no added sulphur.

A smoky and slightly savoury style, but not shy on the fruit content either. A great wine for cutting through fatty or olive oil rich foods that’s received top reviews from our customers as well. A 50/50 blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon from an estate dating back hundreds of years and one of the first in Spain to commit to organic winemaking.


Juicy plum, Vanilla pod and chocolate


Red berry and plum, Savoury

Since 1994, Bodegas Iranzo has exclusively produced Spanish organic wines, making it one of the oldest-established vineyards in Spain to apply this European organic regulation. Located in Utiel-Requena DO region near Valencia, Bodegas Iranzo produces one of the longest established estate-bottled wines in Spain, with the first recorded written evidence of the vineyard estate Cañada Honda, owned by the Iranzo Perez–Duque family dating back to 1335 as granted by King Pedro I of Castilla. For the owners of the estate, the Iranzo Perez–Duque family, the practice of organic farming reflects a wider view of the management of natural resources which has led it, since the 1950s, to reforest over 30 hectares with native woodland species. Their vineyards lie in a natural gully known locally as the 'River of Wine', it lies in the shade of the Sierra de Cuenca, giving it a very different micro-climate from the rest of Valencia. It's noticeably cooler enabling the wines to retain natural freshness. The family has also promoted the establishment of concepts such as a flora micro-reserve and a biological station prohibiting hunting, which have made the Cañada Honda estate the largest environmentally protected area in Valencia. The present vineyard was designed and laid out in 1983 with a view to achieving two distinct but complementary objectives: the production of Spanish organic wines of the finest quality and total respect for the environment. The vineyard is fertilised using sheep’s manure from extensively farmed flocks in the local area. The buildings housing the winery and cellars were built between 1916 and 1929. They have been declared as a Cultural Heritage site by the Valencian government. Sensitive restoration and redevelopment of the buildings began in 1997, incorporating the latest winemaking technology without altering the original architectural lines. Bodegas Iranzo produces Spanish wines made with 100% organic grapes including some of the best known indigenous varietals like Bobal and Tempranillo. The winery also produces the "No Sulfites Added" Organic Spartico wine. All their wines are vegan-friendly, using no animal byproducts in production. The wines are also non-GMO Project verified. Winemakers here are Francisco Gabaldon and Raul Herrero.


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  1. Pure and Light

    Excellent spanish red – no added sulphur, and very light for a Spanish red – no hangover the next day! Highly recommended.


  2. Excellent

    A really enjoyable wine end easy to drink. Full of flavour and smooth. Five stars awarded considering quality and price.


  3. A wonderful red wine

    I gave up drinking red wine, or any wine, for many years because of the sulphites and other additives. The Spartico Tempranillo is a revelation. Delicious and without any unwanted after effects. I have served this wine at a recent dinner party and people have commented on the quality of the wine – the colour, the smell, the taste, and the ‘drinkability.’ I hope to order a case for Christmas.


  4. Superb!

    Only once before, in a little Italian restaurant in 2012 whilst in Whistler during the Winter Olympics, have we come across such an excellent Tempranillo as this. Well rounded, smooth and very quaffable indeed at a reasonable price!


  5. Love this one !

    This is very reliable, easy drinking and what I would call medium bodied. I buy it every time and drink it on its own and with food.

    Helena (verified owner)

  6. Great wine

    Another good, very enjoyable wine.

    Ireene-Sointu (verified owner)

  7. my fave wine EVER. It has a balance of flavour without the heavy syrup of a shiraz. My only regret is that the 2018 vintage isnt availlable any more .

    aliboodles (verified owner)

  8. Nice Tempranillo mix but I did have a bit of a headache with one showing that you cant depend 100% on the no added sulphur element to not get a headache. Keen to try some of the other Spanish wines on Vintage Roots. I’m not convinced this is a good value red at £10.25. I’ve had nicer reds for less money.

    Alexis Dixon (verified owner)

  9. Very nice light red wine. Smooth, easy drinking with a very nice balance of soft fruit and more complex flavours. Will definitely be ordering again.

    c.robins (verified owner)