Walcher Sole e Luna White Vermouth (75cl)


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Our first organic vermouth. Drink or mix it freely.

This craft Italian vermouth is a pale, sweet white, with more than 30 spice and herb extracts. Every mouthful will deliver a new mixture of flavors, making this one of the most expressive, characterful Bianco vermouths Italy produces. The organic wine has a beautiful aroma and will blend wonderfully with any cocktail.

Biostilla are based in the sun-drenched South Tyrolean farmlands, with all their fruit coming from certified organic farmsteads. The distillery has a long tradition and has now been producing high quality spirits for nine generations. "During the distillation process, we extract nothing Mother Nature hasn't put there, herself." Theodor Walcher (Master Distiller)


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  1. Amazing!

    This is really, really good Vermouth. Terrific in a Negroni, but perfect served with ice


  2. Crafty

    Very very good quality vermouth. Bags of flavour, great in cocktails