No Sulphur Added Reds


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Big on flavour, lowest possible on sulphur added.

In this case, you receive a dozen of the best no-sulphur-added organic reds Vintage Roots has to offer: The Italian Insieme Nero D’Avola is rich and deep, with notes of black cherry fruit to finish off the flavour. For Spanish wine lovers, the La Mancha Toscar Tempranillo has a ripe flavour with black fruit-forward notes, a clean finish, and soft tannins. The Valencian Spartico Tempranillo is smoky and savoury, but bold and heavy with fruit notes. The Spanish Tempore Symphony has strong berry, flower, and fruit aromas, with an intense colour. The Stellar Merlot has a rich colour, a nose of ripe fruits, hints of perfume and jasmine, and well-structured tannins. The French Cuveé Secrete is as pure as it gets, with walnut and kirsch for the base flavours, with smoke and red fruit as the developing flavors.


Unrestrained pure fruit flavours


Uplifting flowers and berries

Our 'Organic Roots' are laid down with these classic, accessible, great value wines from brilliant organic vineyards across Europe. Supplied in from longstanding producers that we have been friends with for over 30 years.



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