Tempore Symphony No Added Sulphur Garnacha


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Wonderfully pure and fruity Garnacha made with no added sulphur.

A limited edition new ‘No Sulphur Added’ organic red from Spain that’s just sensational. From 100% Grenache (Garnacha) grown in the Bajo Aragón region to the west of Catalonia and Barcelona. Tempore (the name of the estate) means time, and this wine is the result of four generations of viticulturists caring for the organic vines, and making wine as naturally as possible, and without sulphur.

Rarely will you taste a wine with as much expressive fruit, on both nose and palate. To say big and vibrant is an understatement, flavours of framboise, strawberry and blackberry are just for starters, this wine keeps giving and its flavours are completely unclouded by sulphur addition. Its juiciness and velvety smooth mouthfeel make this an ideal BBQ or summer picnic wine, which could also be enjoyed lightly chilled. Even if the weather turns out to be cloudy or damp, this wine is guaranteed to shine brightly! As no sulphur is added, this can have a slight spritz on opening, which will dissipate with aeration in the glass.

Being something quite unique, this wine has garnered mixed reviews. We recommend giving it a bit of time to open up as it can be better the next day.

  • Bronze Medal – Drinks Business Organic Masters 2018 (2017 vintage)


Velvety smooth red berries


Abundant framboise and summer berries

The history of Bodegas Tempore is deeply rooted in vine growing in and around the town of Lécera some 40 kms south of the city of Zaragoza in NE Spain. The Yago Aznar family have an intimate knowledge of and passion for their vineyards, having been viticulturalists here for four generations. The winery itself was founded as recently as 2002 enabling the family to vinify their own wines from their own fruit for the very first time. Quality is the watchword throughout the growing season to ensure that pristine fruit can be harvested and quality remains the watchword throughout the winemaking process to ensure that the authentic, pure flavours and character of those grapes is retained in the bottle. All 70 hectares of the Tempore vineyards are certified organic with focus on local grape varieties, namely Garnacha Tinto, Tempranillo, Macabeo and Garnacha Blanca. Some of the Garnacha Tinto vines are at least 70 years of age. The vines are planted on a plateau at 550 metres above sea level. The climate is strictly Mediterranean with hot, dry summers. The soils are limestone and sand with a high mineral content. Absolute respect for the environment is a central pillar to the working philosophy of the Yago Aznar family. To them, organic cultivation means minimum intervention, natural winemaking and respect for the rhythms of the land. Wines are vinified and matured in a variety of equipment all perfectly housed and monitored in the modern winery. A mix of modern and tradition reflects the family approach here. The winery building itself is constructed with the most traditional elements of the area such as Aragon bricks and alabaster; inside there are impressive modern installations for the fermentation, bottling and ageing of the wines. An extensive cask maturation hall is isolated from sound and light with complete temperature control.


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  1. Unusual!

    I’m no wine buff but thought it an unusual tasting wine and would not rush back to it.


  2. Average

    I would have to agree with Hilguy as this wine is distinctly average. Limited edition is probably for the best.


  3. Fruity

    Extremely aromatic, fruity smell – almost like fruit juice! The taste was very easy drinking.


  4. Easy drinking

    Fruity, easy-drinking. Very pleasant wine to suit all occasions


  5. Excellent

    Very good wine. Slightly fizzy when first opened but this went when poured and taste was excellent


  6. Vintage 2018. This had a dull brown unusual taste and no scent. I waited and hoped but it did not improve. It was not corked.

    will-0158 (verified owner)

  7. I am adding a note to my review above. I drank more of this wine the following night and finished it on the third night. It was much improved and had a deep, interesting taste and a slight but pleasant scent on both evenings. This can be useful. I will re-rate it as three but very close to four. It would be interesting to try it again and I probably will. I would suggest that it is opened in the morning for evening drinking.

    will-0158 (verified owner)