Bodegas Latue Bohem No Added Sulphur Tempranillo


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One of our best value 'No Sulphur Added' wines.

No added sulphur wines are certainly in vogue at present and this “Rioja” grape excels in the hot arid central plains of La Mancha. It is ripe, black fruit forward and juicy with soft tannins and a fine clean finish.

  • Gilbert Gaillard International Challenge 2023 – GOLD (2022 vintage)


Black cherry and plum


Ripe black summer fruits

The story of Bodegas Latué started back in 1954 at which time it was known as the San Isidro Cooperative. The winery is located in Villanueva de Alcardete in La Mancha, central Spain.The 130 grower members were determined to produce wines of true commercial worth. They demonstrated their commitment by focusing attention on the vineyards. Quality was to be the byword. Organics too became key. Between 1954 and 2007 the membership expanded significantly to 600 growers. Quality and market relevance increased to such an extent that exports rapidly became their prime source of income. In 2007 the name Bodegas Latué was created and added to the business profile. The 600 growers cultivate 6200 hectares of vines, a significant percentage being cultivated organically. Winemaking rests in the experienced, capable hands of Jorge Pradillo. La Mancha’s natural environment provides the perfect conditions for wine growing - a regular continental Mediterranean climate, with warm summers, cold winters and low rainfall. Soils are clay-limestone. Using modern winemaking technology Latué ensures that the quality organic grapes are transformed into the best possible finished wine - wine that reflects its precise origins, whilst offering an authentic expression of the grape varieties themselves.


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  1. Exceptional

    A very smooth and enjoyable wine which drunk over 2 days was even better on the second day. Five stars awarded considering quality and price. Whether you are forced to drink ‘no added sulphur’ wine or not this is still a great wine.


  2. Worst wine in ages

    This must be the first bottle of wine I’ve had in years that I haven’t been able to drink as so bad. Not sure if just the bottle I had as looking at the other review they loved it.

    Rachael (verified owner)

  3. Lovely

    I thought this was lovely and will buy again


  4. Best in the case

    From a case of mixed reds, this was the standout and I’m glad to see it’s one of the cheapest! Lovely pure fruit taste, like sophisticated strawberry jam. And no hangover the next day


  5. Lovely little wine

    Inexpensive, simple and very enjoyable.


  6. Best of my first lot from you

    Really good quality wine and the price was good too. So far all the wines I have had have been very good. But this one was the best.

    Ireene-Sointu (verified owner)

  7. Decent Wine

    I wasn’t expecting much considering the price and rightfully so. This wine wasn’t awful, but the flavors were not complex. It was a very flat tasting wine. Nothing special in the olfactory aspect either. If you want a pretty basic red wine, then this will do the job. Don’t expect much going into it, though.