La Raia Gavi


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Attractive with a lovely floral nose and a ripe citrus palate

Gavi is made from the Cortese grape, which here delivers a crisp, greengage and lime flavoured wine with an uplifting, slightly savoury finish. Superlative biodynamic example of this great Italian wine.


Dry and zesty


Clean citrus, Herbal notes

A place that is balanced and harmonic in all of its elements. La Raia is a Demeter certified (since 2007) biodynamic farm. It is located in the heart of Gavi’s hills, an area with a long wine history due to its unique microclimate. The estate extends over 180 hectares, including 42 ha of vineyards, 60 ha of fields with the remainder being pasture, chestnut groves as well as elderflower and acacia woodlands that provide a habitat and protection for numerous species of wild animals. The Rossi Cairo family purchased La Raia in 2003, with the aim of recovering and enhancing the original ecosystem, inspired by biodynamic principles. Under Piero Rossi Cairo's guidance, vineyard practices include green manuring between the rows, intense aeration of the soil, absence of pesticides and only spraying during specific periods of the year with natural sulphur and copper. Pruning takes place during a descending moon. On their working farm crop rotation was introduced and livestock pasture was re-introduced. All in all, La Raia is now a true biodiversity oasis for bees and other pollinators. Demeter certification attests not only the quality of grapes, but also of all the processes of winemaking and of the winery itself. The commitment to the respect for nature goes thus throughout the entire productive process, to deliver to consumers a biodynamic wine, a distinctive expression of the terroir and an exclusive product of nature. The indigenous Cortese and Barbera vines are planted in clay limestone soil. Vine age ranges from 9 to 70 years. All grapes are hand-picked before being taken to the winery for careful sorting and delicate handling. Winemaking additives are dispensed with in order to best preserve the authenticity of their wines. All winemaking protocols are managed by head oenologist Piero Ballario.


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  1. Not your average Gavi

    Gavi is a dependable wine that you can rely on when looking at a long wine list! La Raia Gavi has far more character though than your average and was stupendous when put into a Risotto Primavera and then accompanied its eating. For me this needs quite rich food but cuts through the richness with ease with a strong citrus finish.

    We’ll be back for more!

    David (verified owner)