Fatty’s Organic Gin (70cl)


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Meticulously crafted, award-winning organic gin.

Meticulously crafted, award-winning gin. Fatty’s Organic Gin is infused with delicate dill flower, producing a taste experience that won a ‘Gold’ at the Spirits Business Awards – the only organic gin to receive such high recognition.

The nose is herbaceous with dill and citrus, and the palate is incredibly clean and light, allowing the dill and juniper to immediately shine through and it finishes with a burst of citrus freshness.

Cucumber is the recommended garnish.

Inspired by the heritage of Fatty’s home town in Dulwich, it seemed only right to explore dill as a key botanical ~ Dulwich means ‘the meadow where dill grows’.

The subtle flavours that dill adds, creates a unique London Dry Gin, which is incredibly light on the palate.

Fatty’s creates a soft, full flavoured explosion landing on the front of the palate, before slowly melting away to leave a crisp, refreshing finish.



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