The Dulwich Spirits Company

Inspired by the heritage of Fatty’s home town in Dulwich, it seemed only right to explore dill as a key botanical ~ Dulwich means ‘the meadow where dill grows’.

The subtle flavours that dill adds, creates a unique London Dry Gin, which is incredibly light on the palate.

Fatty’s creates a soft, full flavoured explosion landing on the front of the palate, before slowly melting away to leave a crisp, refreshing finish.

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Fatty’s Organic Pink Grapefruit (70cl)


Smelling and tasting just like a really good Gin, but at just 20% alcohol

Alcohol: 20%

In stock

Fatty’s Organic Gin (70cl)


Meticulously crafted, award-winning organic gin.

Alcohol: 40%

In stock