Highland Harvest Sauternes Cask Finished Malt Whisky (70cl)


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Beautiful Single Malt whisky aged in Sauternes barrels. Best Lowland Single Malt - World Whiskies Awards 2018

Notes of honey, apricots and pears on the nose opening up with a floral elegance. Warm spices and honey on the palate Seville orange and a delightful warm finish. This is a truly decadent whisky, with the sweet, honeyed flavours of the Sauternes wine barrels seeping into the already smooth whisky to create a perfect after-dinner experience. For the limited edition Sauternes finish, 4 organic Sauternes casks were hand-selected by the owner of the Chateau.

Each bottle is numbered with cask number and the bottle number.

Best Lowland Single Malt (No Age Statement) Medal – World Whiskies Awards 2018Nose: Notes of honey, apricots and pears. Opening up with floral elegance. Palate: Warm spices and honey. Finish: Seville orange and delightful warmth.’  Whisky Magazine, May 2018

Best Lowland Single Malt – 12 years & under – World Whiskies Awards 2015: ‘On the nose there are notes of confectionary bananas, sweet smoke. The palate offers golden syrup, apple tart and custard. Although probably a youthful whisky, it is well-balanced and very pleasant to drink.Whisky Magazine, 2015

Multi-award winning spirits distilled with care in the heart of London.



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  1. smooth

    Very smooth, drinkable whisky.


  2. Super stuff

    Very elegant, distinctive whisky with a fruity, sauternes-like finish

    Derry Derrison