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As a nation who are known for loving their wine, Vintage Roots have put together an ultimate guide to enjoying white wine. No matter if you are a newbie to the world of white wine, or a connoisseur, this guide can inspire you to explore your options and take your taste buds on a journey of discovery.

Organic Chardonnay Wine Label

When should you drink white wine?

White wine can be enjoyed alongside lunch or dinner, with lighter dishes to compliment the lighter flavours. Any time after midday (and assuming you’re off the clock and not driving!) is good for white wine. Nearly always lighter than red, whites are refreshing and thirst-quenching. We think that whites lend themselves to summer dining, and they’re often lower in alcohol too, which can be a blessing when the temperatures rise.

The only problem to solve – which one will you pick?!

What white wine should I drink?

Deciding which white wine to drink can be a challenge in itself, with so many to try!

Best organic white wines to try

You’re looking for a tasty organic white with less than 12% abv…

Easy! At Vintage Roots, we have an impressive range of low-alcohol organic wine (both white and red). You can check out our range of low alcohol organic wine here.

Our top choice at the moment for a no alcohol white is the Pierre Chavin No Alcohol Chardonnay which is a light, breezy white with delicate white citrus flavours. A lovely aperitif or what one friend calls, a great patio wine!

For those looking to impress a wine-geek friend…

We all have one… a friend like that. We love them, but sometimes it’s fun to introduce them to something new, maybe a little bit quirky and that will blow their wine-minds and score you a few points to boot!

A couple of wines spring to mind.

Meinklang Weisser Mulatschak

Any self-respecting wine geek knows that Austrian wines are amongst some of the finest and most thrilling in the world. Spontaneous fermentation, with very low sulphites, this wine is a nod in the natural and orange style of winemaking. This wine fells alive; appley, fresh and yeasty with hints of rose and lychee. Made from gewürztraminer and pinot gris.

Another teaser is the New Zealand Richmond Plains Nelson Blanc de Noir; a white wine made from red grapes. Is that a cheat? Well yes! Never mind!! If your wine geek is beady-eyed they might just pick up a little pinkish hue that tells of its pinot noir origins but otherwise, this is a bright, white-orchard fruited wine with plenty of allure.

You’ve harvested your first crop of lockdown-planted tomatoes and want a white wine for a summery salad…

Hands up if you planted either your first or, if you’re a regular gardener, an excess of vegetables in your patch this year?!

Tomatoes are a favourite and they are simply gorgeous to devour, freshly picked. Some folk say that it’s hard to match wine with tomatoes but that seems a little defeatist and not very accurate either. It’s definitely smart to steer clear of anything excessively oaky but a crisp sauvignon blanc style will go down a treat.

Our favourite for your home-grown tomatoes is this much-loved Italian Verdicchio from Barone Pizzini. A splash of this in your glass and a sniff of those tomatoes and you’ll think you’re outside in the rolling hills of Le Marche.

It’s got to have bubbles…

We hear you! The Vintage Roots range of organic sparkling wines has got to be one of the best bubbly selections anywhere….

Keen to support the struggling South African wine business…

The South African wine industry is facing tough times. Not long ago the government banned domestic alcohol sales which dealt a massive blow to wine estates and associated businesses. The industry is imploring people to support their favourite South African wines, to help keep businesses afloat and people in jobs.

Click here to discover more about Vintage Roots’ organic white wine range from South Africa.

Low-sulphur organic white wine

Vintage Roots have a broad selection of low-sulphur wines and sulphur-free wines.  It’s tricky to pick a favourite at the moment; they’re all flying off shelves.

Just because it’s such a sunny colour if we have to pick, then it’s going to be the no-sulphur-added Giol Pinot Grigio. An altogether richer style of Pinot Grigio than you may have tasted before.

How many calories in a bottle of white wine?

According to the NHS, there are 133kcal in a 175ml glass of 12% wine, the equivalent of 3 Jaffa Cake biscuits. The higher alcohol the wine and the bigger the glass (duh!!), the more calories you’ll be consuming.

Critically, the calories in wine are pure sugar which is why wine isn’t great news if you’re looking to shed the pounds.

For a more detailed blog on calories in wine, read our blog post about how many calories are in a bottle of wine.

How long does white wine last once opened?

Wine cork and corkscrew

If you are keeping your white wine in the fridge and it is properly sealed and kept cool, your white wine will last two to three days without an issue. If the wine bottle has a screwcap or glass top, you can use these to reseal. A traditional cork pushed back into the bottle top is just as effective as keeping out the air. If you regularly find yourself with a half-finished bottle, then a Vacu Vin Wine Saver is a fantastic investment. We all have one at home!

For more information about all things organic wine, head to our blog or check out our selection of organic wines.


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