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Wine 101: How Many Calories in a Bottle of Wine?

Wine can easily be part of a healthy, balanced diet, but it’s useful to understand how many calories are in a bottle of wine. That way, you can be sure that your glass (or two) of wine doesn’t push your calorie intake over a healthy limit!

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how many calories are in a glass of wine, as well as in a bottle.

We’ll look at everything from red wine and white wine to Champagne and dessert wines, making sure you know exactly what you’re consuming when you pop the cork and serve yourself a glass of wine.

how many calories in a glass of wine

Wine Calories 101

Before we look at how many calories in a bottle of wine, let’s clarify one simple fact: everything you eat has calories! Except for water, there is nothing that naturally has ZERO calories.

Everything is designed to give you energy, and every fruit, vegetable, berry, grain, seed, and nut on the planet contains a different amount of calories.

The calories in wine come from a number of things:

The Grapes

Some grapes are higher in sugar than others. Sugar is one of the primary sources of calories. Each gram of sugar (carbohydrates) contains 4 calories. The more sugar there is in the grapes, the higher the calorie content of the wine.

Thinking about whether the wine comes from a hot area (e.g. Argentina) or a cooler area (e.g. England) can be a guide to calorie content.


During the wine fermentation process, yeast eats at the sugar in the grapes. The higher the alcohol content, the higher the calories.

While sugar contains 4 calories per gram, alcohol contains nearly twice that much at 7 calories per gram.

High-alcohol wines (like dark red wines and dessert wines) tend to have a higher calorie content. As most wines are ‘dry’ (in terms of the sugar level, rather than how fruity they taste), the alcohol content is a good guide to the working out how many calories are in a wine.

These key factors can determine how many calories are in a bottle of wine – and, eventually, how many calories are in a glass of wine you serve yourself from that bottle!

calories in wine

Calories in Wine: What You Need to Know…

Below, you will find everything you need to know about the average number of calories in your favourite bottles of wine.

Look over the list carefully to make sure you know how many calories you’re adding to your diet by drinking that glass of wine.

How many calories in a bottle of red wine?

To answer the question “how many calories in a bottle of red wine”, you need to know the different types of red wines:

  • Lower alcohol red wine

11.5 to 13.5% ABV – these wines tend to be lower in calories. Your average glass (175ml in a serving) of lower alcohol red wine contains roughly 135 to 165 calories. Many Pinot Noirs and Gamays fall into this category

  • Higher alcohol red wine

3.5% upwards – This type of wine may not have any more sugar, but the higher alcohol content makes it a higher-calorie wine. A 175ml glass of this wine can contain from 165 to 195+ calories.

How many calories in a bottle of white wine?

Not sure how many calories in a bottle of white wine? Once again, the type of white wine determines the number of calories:

  • Lower alcohol sweet white

A lower alcohol white wine has a low alcohol content, but a fairly high sugar content. A 175ml serving will contain from 111 to 147 calories, but the serving size of sweet wines is often 75-125ml. Moscato d’Asti from Italy is in this category.

  • Lower alcohol dry white

A glass of dry white below 13.5% ABV contains 107 to 143 calories. Pinot Grigio and wines from the Loire valley are in this category.

  • Higher alcohol sweet white

Higher alcohol dessert wines such as Gewurztraminer and Sauternes can contain between 177 and 213 calories per 175ml, but again, serving sizes are usually smaller than this.

  • Higher alcohol dry white

Fuller-bodied whites such as New World Chardonnays and Sauvignons may have 153 to 173 calories per glass.

How many calories in a bottle of rosé wine?

Rosé wine is usually a lower-calorie wine than the high-alcohol, high-sugar red wines and white wines. It is often lighter, meaning a lower alcohol and sugar content.

In a 175ml glass of rosé wine, there are around 138 calories (though the calorie content will change depending on the sweetness and ABV of the wine).

How many calories in a bottle of champagne?

Sparkling wines such as Champagne have sugar added to create the secondary fermentation, as that’s what is needed to create the bubbles in Champagne. However, they have a fairly low alcohol content (usually in the 11 to 12.5% ABV range).

Champagne Faust Carte d’Or (75cl)


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Your average glass of Champagne, Prosecco, and sparkling wine will have roughly 158 calories. Brut Champagne, Brut Cava, and most sparkling wines with the ‘Brut’ (meaning dry) label are in this category.

Albet i Noya Petit Albet Brut (75cl)


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How many calories in a bottle of dessert wine?

Dessert wines are higher in both sugar and alcohol – some going as high as 21% ABV. These wines are sweet and thick, meaning they have a very high calorie content.

You can expect as much as 189 to 275 calories per 175ml glass, although serving sizes for such wines are usually between 75 and 125ml. Port, Tawny Port, Sauternes, and Sherry are all included on this list.

calories in wine

Nutritious Wine…

Wine isn’t just a delicious drink, but it’s also rich in a wide range of nutrients. Organic and biodynamic farming methods lead to higher nutrient content due to increased soil health and microbial activity.

You’ll find it’s one of the healthiest alcohols around, thanks to the fact that it can naturally contain: iron, fluoride, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and b vitamins, all of which are needed daily in a healthy, balanced diet.


We’ve throw a lot of numbers at you, but what do they mean? What’s the comparison between a glass of wine and the food you eat? Take a look at these approximate figures:

  • 1 glass of lower alcohol dry white wine = 107 to 143 calories = 1 Cappuccino
  • 1 glass of lighter red wine = 135 to 165 calories = 2 chocolate chip cookies
  • 1 glass of higher alcohol red wine = 165 to 195 calories = 100 grams of steak
  • 1 glass of rosé wine = 138 calories = ½ slice of pizza

Wine List:

Wondering how many calories are in your favourite types of wine? Here is a list of some popular wines, accompanied with the number of calories per 175ml glass:

Novas Pinot Noir Gran Reserva: 175 calories per glass

Toscar Tempranillo: 159 calories per glass

Bohem Tempranillo – Garnacha (formerly Toscar) (75cl)


Terrific value organic red wine from Spain

Alcohol: 13%

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DOCG Moscato D’Asti: 133 calories per glass

Torelli Moscato d’Asti 5% (75cl)


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Alcohol: 5.5%

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Giol Pinot Grigio: 131 calories per glass

Giol Pinot Grigio (75cl)

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A vinous best-friend, this versatile wine is a treat pretty much everywhere and anytime.

Alcohol: 12.5%

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Adobe Gewurztraminer Reserva: 168 calories per glass

Adobe Gewurztraminer Reserva (75cl)


A tease for the taste buds with its lightly-spiced tropical flavours

Alcohol: 14%

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Adobe Chardonnay Reserva: 168 calories per glass

Adobe Chardonnay Reserva (75cl)


Pineapple fruit flavours and fresh to the finish.

Alcohol: 13.5%

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Domaine de Brau Rosé: 138 calories per glass

Domaine de Brau Rosé (75cl)


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Alcohol: 13%

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AOC Champagne Carte d’Or: 125 calories per glass

Champagne Faust Carte d’Or (75cl)


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Alcohol: 12%

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Casal Jordoes Tawny Port: 273 calories per glass

Casal Jordoes Tawny Port (75cl)


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Alcohol: 20%

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So, your average glass of wine contains anywhere from 100 to 200 calories. Does that sound like a lot? It can be! That’s roughly the same number of calories as you get from:

    • 1-2 apples
    • 2 slices of wholewheat toast
    • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
    • 1 handful of raw, unsalted cashews/almonds
    • 1 small slice of pizza
    • 75 grams of chicken

Not too many calories, but not something to be careless with either! Due to the high sugar content of wine, those trying to watch their diet (and sugar intake) will do well to have smaller amounts of wine and look for lower alcohol options. Check out our full range of lower alcohol wines to find your perfect alternative.

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