Timo Dienhart Riesling Kabinett Sonnenuhr


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Low alcohol, medium-sweet Riesling from the famous Mosel Valley.

A wine that shines. Bright and brilliant yellow with green hues, this is a lush and vibrant organic Riesling full of deep apricot and peach flavours. Intense, clean and uplifting, with fine acidity that tempers the initial sweetness. This is also a lower alcohol wine with just 8.5% alcohol.

Kabinett is the level sweetness or ‘ripeness’ of the grapes. It indicates that the wine will be medium-sweet, but with a vibrant acidity means that everything is perfectly in balance. Sonnenuhr is the name of the designated area where the grapes are grown, located in one of the most famous regions along the Mosel River – a well known source for the finest Rieslings in the world.


Refined, Ripe fruit has a sweet edge perfectly regulated by bright acidity


Plump peach, apricot and nectarine

The home of 'edition bee' Riesling! The idea was to produce a high quality Riesling with a built-in good cause. Winegrower meets wine enthusiast - just like that - and they (Timo Dienhart, owner of biodynamic  Zur Romerkelter estate and Andreas Thran, a wine lover from Trier) understood each other from the off. They wanted to make their mark in the field of top Riesling wines from Germany's Mosel valley by producing pure, pleasurable wines from oustanding high slope Riesling vines cultivated organically. At the same time they wanted a part in active creation - they wanted to make their vineyards a refuge for bees. The idea came to fruition in a unique location on living Devonian slate slopes named 'Honigberg' (Honey mountain) while they walked through the especially greened vineyards and noticed the loud buzzing of bees underneath the heavily laden vines. Both Timo and Andreas were well aware of the threatened status of the honey bee as well as its vital role as an important pollinator in  the natural cycle, so they commited themselves to make as significant a contribution as they could to provide a bee-friendly habitat in their vineyards as well as to raise awareness concerning the current plight of the bee population. 'Edition bee' Riesling was born. Timo declares " …with every drop of edition bee wine you are supporting our work in maintaining and expanding the important habitat of the bees on the Honigberg ".Furthermore he states "...no new dogmatic agendas, no “that’s the way it always was”, no trendy eco or organic mantle – just the belief in the positive force of creation and its possibilities. Hard work, the support of the people who work with us and a good pinch of idealism".



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