Romany Beaujolais Le Moulin


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60-year-old Gamay vines produce vibrant red-cherried, crunchy fruit and a seriously expressive palate.

A classic Beaujolais from hand-harvested Gamay grapes from 60-year-old vines. Full of soft, juicy flavours of dark red fruits lifted by the low levels of sulphur used. This succulent Beaujolais is soft, smooth and very appealing.

  • Gold Medal – 2023 Millésime BIO (2022 vintage)
  • “Jolly, juicy beaujolais with vibrant red and black summer berry charm.” Jane MacQuitty, The Times (2022 vintage)


Dark red fruits of strawberries, cherries and raspberries


Strawberry and kirsch

The Aurélie and Fabien ROMANY estate is a family wine estate founded by Fabien's ancestors. The oldest vine currently in operation dates from 1918, it was planted by the father of his great-grandmother on his return from the Great War (1914-1918). Most of the estate, in mass selection, was planted in the 1950s and 1960s. The vines are located in the communes of BULLY, SARCEY and SAINT GERMAIN NUELLES, on south and south-east facing hillsides at altitudes ranging from 270m to 420m. The soils are classified into several categories: granitic, volcanic (blue stones) for the red Gamays as well as clayey (golden stones) and volcanic (blue stones) for the white Chardonnays. The winery is located in the town of BULLY, 30 km north of LYON, in southern Beaujolais. Since 2010, our Gamay grape vines in the Beaujolais appellation have been in organic conversion and certified AB since 2013. The 1st vinification on the Aurélie and Fabien ROMANY estate took place in 2019, all the grapes previously were delivered to the cooperative cellar. Fabien, eager to vinify quality local wines since his graduation from viticulture-oenology in 2004, has finally been able to realize his dream. The vinifications are the least interventionist possible, most of the work is done in the vineyard in order to obtain perfect grapes. For us organic farming is not only a mode of production but a philosophy. We consider that to make good wines the first principle is: “a healthy vine in a healthy soil”. Naturally, this results in quality grapes, harvested at optimum maturity, which allow vinification with the minimum possible inputs. We support the fermentation process by monitoring the good behavior of our yeasts. The wines are aged on fine lees, which have a protective effect on the wine and make it possible to dispense with SO2 until bottling. The farm also has several other small productions, including meat and cereal cattle farms.


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