Organic Argentinian Wines

Argentina is an incredibly picturesque landscape in which to make wine. The snow-capped Andes dominate the views, and vineyard altitude has a big influence on the final wine. Famed for its amazing Malbecs, Argentina is the fifth-largest producer of wine in the world!

Domaine Bousquet Malbec






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If you are looking for the best organic Argentinian wine, consider the robust flavours of Malbec, the high altitudes of Mendoza make for some delicious Malbecs, which is why many of the best Argentinian organic wine vintages come from the region, from places like Tupungato.
The Argentinian Malbec has stronger fruit notes than the French Malbecs, with softer tannins but the same rich, dark color. Look for wines with the flavours of chocolate, plums, cherries, and blackberries.

Argentina has other varieties to try, including Chardonnays with peachy and vanilla notes,Cabernet Sauvignons with spicy oak and blackcurrant flavours, and Syrah blends that contain all the intensity of coffee and wild berries. They are also famous for their rosé wines, their bold-flavoured Merlots, and the fortified Malbec from Domaine Bousquet is quite a revelation, very similar to a Port. Do not miss the new and cutting edge biodynamic Cabernet Franc from Alpamanta.