Normandy Cider (75cl)



Flavoursome, authentic, organic French cider
Several apple varieties - from the bitter-sweet to the sharp and zesty - are used in this soft and foamy No Added Sulphur cider. Each type brings unique qualities and adds complexity and balance to the final cider. We're big fans of serving cider with food - it can often be a better match than wine. Cider is perfect with roast pork, but also works really well with risottos and creamy pasta bakes. This cider is unpasteurised and made with no added sulphur.

This Normandy cider is made from more than 15 varieties of apples planted on 9 hectares of land owned by Jean-Rene Pitrou. The varieties have been specially selected to give the optimum cider experience: 60–70% give bitter-sweet fruit, 15% are sharp and zesty and the remainder are what the producer describes as ‘tangy’. The estate has been organic since 1967.



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  1. CornishDrinker

    Wallop! What a great cider this is (even if it is from France!). Very fresh, tastes like fine apple juice without the sweetness. So cheap.


  2. Amazing

    There it is, the perfect cider! Lovely, balanced and without anything that doesn’t belong in there.
    I will certainly order this again.


  3. Good value for money

    It is a dry cider with a slight aftertaste of delicate sweetness. Acidic, with gentle bubbles, easy to drink, great to share for two.



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