Mont'albano Grillo

Mont'albano Grillo

Sicily, Italy
Mont’albano - 2015
Product Code: CIS05
Grape: Grillo
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 12.5%

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This dry white is as loveable and delightful as you could ask for. The unique climate of Sicily produces a delicate, aromatic wine that is more than able to stand on its own. You'll love the rich, generous fruit flavours of the white, but the soft mouthfeel makes it perfect for pairing with a wide range of dishes. It's a brilliant example of what makes Grillo wine a popular choice.
Grillo was traditionally used mainly for Marsala, the rich fortified wine of Sicily. It has been rediscovered by the talented, modern winemakers of Sicily as a light, fruity white wine.


The north-easterly district of Friuli Grave is home to Mont’albano. Slowly becoming better known in the UK, it has long been worshipped by the Italians themselves who place a high value on its unique climate in the production of aromatic, delicate wines. Mauro Braidot is a hugely enthusiastic, passionate and talented winemaker.

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