Special Festive Tipples

Vintage Roots
organic amaretto in poured in two glasses


We’re delighted to have found new suppliers ‘BIOSTILLA’/WALCHER from the pristine South Tyrolean region of Italy for some exciting new organic liqueurs, spirits and vermouth. We rate their products and philosophy highly. Certainly not new kids on the block, their heritage dates back to the 12th Century, and the Walcher family who now run the distillery have been doing so for nine generations.


Makes us at Vintage Roots seem pretty recent (established 1986!). Experience does count though, and when we find such good products as their organic Limoncello and Amaretto, we get pretty excited and are quick to want to introduce our customers to them.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS AND TRADITION for Walcher’s Organic Limencello

As well as skill and experience, the use of top quality organic ingredients is key. We’ve all seen organic lemons in the shops (yes, they do cost a bit more), unwaxed and unsprayed, they are often smaller and more delicate, and don’t last forever either! The flavour and intensity however is superior we would argue, especially when you consider that in Limoncello they use a lot of aromatic substances from the fruit peel, and this is of course where the highest concentration of pesticide and wax chemicals sit.


When you ask your guest ‘what’s your poison?’, you’re really not wanting to be literal about that! Our advice is to enjoy organic Limoncello, which also contains less sugar and more lemon juice which again does cost more than sugar as an ingredient.


Not only is the liquid ‘deluxe’ in every sense, but also its limited edition special bottle (think great gift too) is pretty special too.


Biostilla use an old, original and traditional recipe. Again, quality ingredients are carefully sourced with organic Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and organic cocoa beans from Peru. The flavour is only from REAL almonds, rather than almond oil (or Benzaldehyde as its known more industrially), which is ten times more expensive to use. This difference is similar to the choice between using real vanilla compared to simply ‘vanillin’.


The alcohol base for this wonderfully intense organic Amaretto is pure organic wheat, and as with all our products its organic nature is certified.

We suggest enjoying the Limoncello chilled and neat (25% alc) though many creations are possible, the Amaretto is wonderful neat (28%), on the rocks and in cocktails. It also partners chocolate particularly well.

However you enjoy these special tipples, keep them up your sleeve as a wonderful surprise for your guests!


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