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Having helped couples choose their wedding wines for years, you would think when it came to my own wedding I’d know exactly which wines to go for. I’ve found it hasn’t been quite as straightforward as that. The main problem is that I like a lot of wines, and Vintage Roots alone have over 400 different ones to choose from!

To get a shorter list than that, the starting point for weddings is not ‘what is my favourite wine’ or ‘what will best match the food’, but rather ‘what will most people be happy drinking all day long’. So even though I love the Soave Pieve Vecchia from Fasoli Gino, the big oak flavours and 14.5% alcohol mean the better choice is their less expensive Soave Borgoletto, a less complex, less rich, but delightfully fresh and easy-drinking wine at 12.5%. So here’s the good news – the more expensive wine is often not the ‘better’ wine for this occasion.

It’s a similar story for red wines, but it pays to look at country and alcohol when making the selection. A fruity Chilean Merlot might taste nicer than a lighter Spanish Tempranillo when you first taste them, but you have to remember guests might be drinking this from the early afternoon, with and without a range of canapés and main meals, as well as whilst dancing late into the night! That means the fresher acidity and lower alcohol of the Tempranillo will make it more versatile with food, and much easier to drink throughout the day.

The same ‘crowd-pleasing’ mentality needs to be employed when deciding on fizz. My personal choice would definitely be a fine Champagne from Fleury, but people nowadays prefer Prosecco for its gentle bubbles and soft pear drop flavours. It’s easier to drink, and certainly easier on the wallet!

So, what have I chosen for my own wedding in June?

Giol Prosecco Spumante – the perfect wedding bubbles. Light, not too sweet, and the perfect start to the reception. I’ll make sure the girls’ house has a couple bottles of this for when they’re getting ready.

Organic Blanc – Zippy, fresh white from Bordeaux, and only 12%.

Domaine de Brau Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauvignon – A critics’ favourite, and a real bargain. This has plenty of flavour and interest, but remains hugely gluggable!

(and maybe one bottle of Fleury Blanc de Noirs on my table!)


We all love a good wedding, and here at Vintage Roots over the years we’ve helped many a couple vinously enjoy their big day, with some delicious organic wines and drinks. We are used to, and very happy to provide special advice on selection, discounts on what are often large orders and sale or return options too.

Indeed, choosing the wine should be one of the more pleasurable and relaxing tasks for the happy couple, however, there are some important points and factors to consider. And of course every couple and wedding is different.


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