Whitstable Bay Organic Ale (50cl)


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This elegant, light beer is backed by the impressive essentials of traditionally farmed English malted barley and organic hops from New Zealand, which fuse to produce a bittersweet flavour with floral overtones and a dry finish.

Whitstable Bay Organic Ale is named after the Kent coastal town, famed for its oysters, and makes a great partner for light dishes such as seafood and salads. It is a light, refreshing 4.5% abv ale made from 100% natural ingredients including chalk-filtered mineral water, the finest organically-grown hops and winter pearl malting barley.


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  1. hops from new zealand?

    I’ve enjoyed this ale before but – organic hops from New Zealand then brewed in the uk? Surely the environmental impact of shipping the hops half way round the world more than negates the benefit of the organic farming?

    We can grow hops in the UK apparently…

    It’s a tasty brew alright, but…


  2. Love the colour

    Love the colour of this organic ale but love the taste even more! 2 thumbs up.