La Colombette Vin de France ‘Au Creux du Nid Rouge’ Cabernet Noir


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A new French red made from Cabernet Noir, a resistant grape variety.

A southern French red made from Cabernet Noir, a resistant grape crossed between Cabernet Sauvignon and a vitis varietal. These resistant grapes (aka ‘PIWI’ varieties) have been created so winegrowers can completely avoid the use of chemical sprays for diseases, including copper and sulphur-based sprays too. The multi-faceted flavour profile of this red from fourth generation winemakers Domaine La Colombette is of forest berries, violet and ripe blackcurrants to name a few. Clean, lively and succulent on the palate, this organic red is most appealing and easy to drink too.


Ripe blackberry and blackcurrant


Rich summer pudding with violet and earthy forest floor

Domaine La Colombette is located at the gates of Bezier facing the Mediterranean Sea in France’s Languedoc region. It has been run as a family estate for four generations, and is now largely run by Francois Pugibet and his son Vincent. They're impressive innovators in the areas of alcohol reduction in wine, and especially these days in the development of new resistant grape varieties that allow not only organic pesticide free viticulture, but also sulphur and copper exclusion too. These new grape varieties are also known as ‘PIWI’ varieties, which, having been developed in Germany, is an abbreviation of the term 'Pilzwiderstandsfähige Reben'. These grapes have come from multiple crossings of traditional varieties with more hardy and wild ‘vitis’ versions and show particularly strong resistance to the vine diseases powdery and downy mildew. The work is slow, precise and laborious, and has taken many years to perfect. The outstanding results of these varietals are now clear in the wines we have chosen to list from Domaine La Colombette, where you will discover original flavours and surprising richness. As the Pugibet family say,  "what a pleasure it is to be able to cultivate the vines with just sun and rainwater”. With climate change increasingly causing more difficult conditions for winegrowers, we are sure to see more resistant variety (PIWI) wines enter the market.


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