Sheppy’s Organic Cider (50cl)



Truly appley mid-sweet organic cider, this organic cider is fermented on its lees to give the fullest flavour possible.
There's nothing in the world quite like British cider, and this Somerset cider is as good as it gets. With a 6% ABV, it has a good amount of body, making ideal to drink with meals. Made from home-grown organic cider apples, this is as traditional as it gets. The cider contains a unique blend of apples, such as Hangdown and Dover varieties, giving you a rich, unusual flavour that you can't help but love. The cider has a light, refreshing sparkle, and its medium taste makes it a great item to drink alone or paired with the right foods.


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  1. Tasted much better organic ciders

    Had a strange burnt caramalised flavour probably as a result of pasturisation. Certainly not the best organic cider I have tasted. Quite disappointing for Sheppys as they usually get it right including some good single varieties.



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