Dunkertons Craft Cider (50cl)



Lower alcohol, very refreshing cider from Dunkertons
A medium craft cider at lower 5% alcohol volume, which is ideal for maximum thirst quenching refreshment. Most Dunkertons ciders ferment naturally to around 6.8%, which is a little strong for some, so this is a great alternative.
In 1988 Dunkertons became the first producer to make organic cider to Soil Association standards. Using a traditional press and mill (circa 1930) the cider is carefully made using time-honoured methods. They are hand-blended, naturally fermented and matured for over 12 months to deliver the famous Dunkertons 'deep flavour'. Each variety of cider apple is fermented separately. The result is a range of award-winning organic ciders and perrys made from the juice of freshly pressed whole apples and pears grown in organic orchards which sustain the natural eco-system. All the ciders are naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.



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