Pays D’Oc Montmija Chardonnay


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A delightful southern French Chardonnay in pure form.

From Chardonnay vines grown along the Mediterranean shoreline. The hot and dry climate here promotes aromatic development and optimal ripeness. A beautiful, bright yellow with abundant pineapple, melon and apple aromas, it shows volume and depth on the palate, with ripe tropical fruit flavours. Lovely as a chilled aperitif or to accompany foods in creamy sauces.


Lush melon and juicy pineapple


Attractive and bountiful tropical fruits

One of the larger organic wine companies in Southern France, run by Claude Vialade. Her father started with organic growing at their Montmija estate in Corbieres some 35 years ago, and Vintage Roots have indeed listed the Corbieres some years back. Since then, the company has expanded to neighbouring regions, encouraging local growers to go organic and supply grapes that meet their high standards.


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