Organic Prosecco

Organic Prosecco is made from the Glera grape according to organic standards. From classic Prosecco to organic rosé Prosecco, we hope you enjoy our organic Proseccos and Frizzantes.

What is different about organic Prosecco?

Organic Prosecco is made from grapes that are grown organically. This means that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers are used on organic vineyards. When organic wines are made, only permitted additives may be used, and the amount of sulphur dioxides or sulphites is also limited. Many winemakers and wine drinkers agree that organic winemaking is a better choice for the environment, and for us too!

Is organic Prosecco better for you? Is organic wine better for your liver?

That’s a tough question. Common sense suggests that choosing to drink organic wines and Prosecco is likely better for your health. For starters, you are exposing yourself to less sulphites and artificial chemicals, which may cause unwanted reactions in the body. However, as always, sensible wine consumption is the healthiest choice.

Does organic Prosecco give you a hangover?

Another difficult question. Some of our customers do report feeling better the next day after drinking organic wines or no sulphur added wines or our low sulphur added wines. But while there are plenty of stories about feeling better or the ‘no’ hangover, sadly the science just doesn’t agree. Sensible drinking and wine consumption is the way to go to avoid getting a hangover.

Are there any good organic Proseccos? What’s the best organic Prosecco?

Yes, there certainly are! We sell organic Proseccos and Frizzantes from forward-thinking organic winemakers Giol and Mont’Albano, as well as our Wild Thing Prosecco in support of the Born Free Foundation. All of these organic Proseccos and Frizzantes are 100% recommended.