Organic Chianti Wines

Chianti is the well-known Italian wine, named after the region, found in nearly all restaurants. Chianti is a very small region in Tuscany, but the rules for wine being labeled a "Chianti" state that it only has to be grown somewhere in Tuscany. The Chianti Classico is the most "true" version of this wine, but Chianti Rufina is of a similar excellence.

The wine comes from Tuscany, and it is produced using Sangiovese and other grapes in a VERY specific blend: 70% Sangiovese, 15% Canaiolo and 15% Malvasia Bianca. The Chianti blend of reds is one of the most popular wines, even outside of Italy. It is as essential to traditional Italian cuisine as herbs and olive oil, and it’s impossible to have a proper Italian meal without a bottle of Chianti on the table.

The characteristic red cherry flavours and fresh acidity make it a natural partner for the sort of tomato-based dishes that are a hallmark of the region. But there are also notes of bitter herbs, smoke, game, and balsamic vinegar beneath the stronger flavours of dry salami, espresso, and sweet tobacco. The result is a wine that pairs beautifully with the heavy, rich dishes for which Italy is renowned.

The Grand Selezione wines are aged for 25 years, but those who want something a bit younger (and cheaper) will find that the Riserva (aged for only 2 years) is an excellent alternative.