Organic German Wines

Organic German Wines

German wine has been a staple of the British wine scene for centuries, but despite a slide in mainstream, the quality of the wines generally has improved greatly in the last decade, meaning there's great value to be had. Nothing screams German wine like a good Riesling, the fruity white that makes for the perfect addition to any celebration or meal. With its fresh, aromatic notes and honest flavours, you can't help but tell the difference between this organic German wine and the Italian Pinot Grigio.

Heavy on the apple flavours, German Riesling sets the standard for whites!

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  1. Riedenburger Low-Alcohol Lager

    Pfalz, Germany

    The very best low-alcohol, organically-certified lager we could find.

    £1.60 a bottle

  2. Cannabia

    Bavaria, Germany

    Hemp and hops are in the same family. A great, dry lager.

    £1.95 a bottle

  3. Vintage Roots Organic Lager

    Pfalz, Germany

    A classic Bavarian 'organic lager' beer. So clean, so fine, so fresh, so good!

    £2.40 a bottle

  4. Riedenburger Hefe-Weizen Weisse Wheat beer

    Bavaria, Germany

    Stunningly good! From the wheat beer specialists.

    £2.45 a bottle

  5. Biona Organic Cranberry Fruit Drink

    Bavaria, Germany

    This great juice is stuffed full of vitamin-laden cranberries that are not only healthy but super-tasty too.

    £4.65 a bottle

  6. Beetle Riesling Trocken Qualitätswein

    Mosel, Germany

    Delightful Riesling, full of vibrant flavour. Gold Medal - International Organic Wine Awards

    £11.50 a bottle

  7. Bee Blauschiefer Honigberg Riesling Kabinett

    Mosel, Germany

    Elegance, complexity and great balance. Masterful winemaking. Gold Medal - International Organic Wine Awards 2016

    £14.95 a bottle

7 Item(s)

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