Organic Spirits

Organic Spirits

Organic spirits are the purest of the pure, try for yourself with our wide range of impeccable quality spirits. When you buy spirits online, you can settle for pure spirits or flavoured variants like spiced rum and gin. We have spirits from pioneering organic distillers such as Guy Pinard, who has been making organic Cognac since the 1960s, or modern trailblazers like Da Mhile, who make small batch farmhouse gins, and even a seaweed infused Gin.

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  1. Biostilla Limoncello


    We are changing to a new larger bottle (70cl) for this product, hence letting remaining stock of this wonderful lemony nectar go at a knock down price!

    Was: £19.95

    Now: £14.95

  2. Dà Mhìle Orange Liqueur 33


    Hugely versatile liqueur with delicious zesty flavour.

    £14.99 a bottle

  3. Highland Harvest Blended Malt Whisky half bottle 35cl


    A selected blend from just 7 casks of Organic Single Malt.

    £16.95 a bottle

  4. Sloe Gin

    Kent, England

    The gin is enriched with natural flavours from the sloes which absorb nearly 50% of the alcohol from the gin creating a delicious 26% alcohol liqueur.

    £16.99 a bottle

  5. Small Batch Farmhouse Botanical Gin 35cl


    Distinctive and flavoursome gin, drink with quality organic tonic!

    £17.50 a bottle

  6. Da Mhile Seaweed Gin 35cl


    Dà Mhìle Gin is an artisan botanical gin produced at the first organic farmhouse distillery in the UK.

    £17.50 a bottle

  7. Utkins UK5 Organic Vodka

    Kent, England

    Great vodka from the finest organic grain

    £18.99 a bottle

  8. Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin

    London, England

    Aromatic, flavourful organic gin. Best London Dry Gin Trophy - IWSC 2015

    £18.99 a bottle

  9. £21.00 a bottle

  10. Papagayo Organic Spiced Golden Rum


    Spicy rum with lots of flavour

    £21.00 a bottle

Items 1 to 10 of 36 total

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