DOC Langhe Rosso Camparo



Hand harvested Barbera cultivated from the Bettola single vineyard which is centred around the ancient town of Alba.
With 50% Dolcetto, 25% Nebbiolo and 25% Barbera all harvesting is done by hand in small boxes, helping to preserve grape quality. Vinified separately, with some oak ageing before re-blending, this wine offers a great introduction to this region.


Juicy red berries, Lightly charred


Dried herb and light oak, Summer berries

Gentle slopes, vineyards laid out in neat geometric patterns, sweeping orchards of hazels, a brightly-coloured landscape, a history of hard work and resolve on a highly-prized, fertile land moulded by generations of skilful farmers. We are in the Langhe in Piedmont, home to wines, hazelnuts and great wine and food traditions, in a land worked by vignerons with courage and patience.



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  1. Although I ordered this wine as advertised, a 2019 vintage I was lucky to be given a 2016 vintage. A very good year. Delicious, smooth with a good finish. The first taste is a bit.astringent but after the bottle’s been open a little while, not long, the smooth fruitiness is dominant.
    No idea what the 2019 tastes like.

    Amore (verified owner)


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