Christoph Bauer Blauer Portugeiser


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Seriously drinkable & smooth

As the name might suggest Blauer (blue) Portugeiser doesn’t originate from Portugal and is most likely to be of Austrian origin. Many years ago it was the most widely cultivated red wine grape variety in Austria but today only pockets of plantings exist. Christophe & Heidi have crafted a delicious light to medium bodied red that is just packed with savoury red berried flavours, a touch of spice and velvety smoothness on the finish. Seriously drinkable, a lighter red that over-delivers in flavour.


Savoury spice with a hint of tartness


Redcurrants with a herbal character

Quality Austrian estate sited in Jetzelsdorf, near Haugsdorf on 20 hectares. Organic since 2015, Christoph Bauer works with his wife Heidi to produce excellent fruit-driven wines, whose character is helped on by the relatively high lime content of the local soils.



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