Low Sulphur Wines

Winemakers add sulphur dioxide to wines for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, preventing the wine from spoiling. However, the sulphur can cause allergic reactions of various types and severity, including hives, headaches, rashes, low blood pressure, breathing difficulties, and anaphylaxis. ...

Wineries trying to cater to customers with these allergies will often produce "low sulphur wines". These wines are made with less than half the maximum permitted level of sulphur (from the already lower level allowed for organic wine). The result is a wine that has a much lower risk of causing negative allergic reactions, making it safer for those with minor allergies to drink. Note: There are very low levels produced naturally during fermentation, so there is no true "sulphur-free" wine.

Vintageroots has a wide selection of low sulphur wines, perfect for those who have experienced negative reactions to wine in the past. Thanks to the low sulphur content in these wines, you are safer when drinking.


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  1. Cuvée Secrete No Added Sulphur
    Languedoc-Roussillon, France
    A great wine in its purest unadulterated form.
    87% of 100
    Drink now Suitable for vegans No Sulphur
    £9.99 // bottle // pack
  2. Domaine Bousquet Virgen No Added Sulphur
    Tupungato, Argentina
    Full-bodied and rich red blend made with no add sulphur
    Drink now Suitable for vegans No Sulphur Screw Cap
    £13.50 // bottle // pack
  3. Les Quarterons St Nicolas de Bourgueil
    Loire Valley, France
    A stunning biodynamic Loire red, from the sixth generation Amirault family, 
    Drink now Suitable for vegans Low Sulphur Biodynamic
    £15.95 // bottle // pack

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