What is a Wine Spritzer and How to Make it?

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A wine spritzer is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer day, over a brunch with friends, or to chill in the evening. It’s light, frivolous, and delicious, and it’s mild enough that you won’t have to worry about getting drunk even after two or three. What’s not to love?

Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about how to make a spritzer. Our Vintage Roots experts have come up with not just a white wine spritzer recipe, but even a red wine spritzer recipe so you can mix things up. By the end of this page, you’ll know more about wine spritzers and how to make them…

What is a Spritzer?

To answer the question, ‘What is a spritzer?’, it’s better to ask ‘What’s in a spritzer?’

Your basic wine spritzer is made with three simple ingredients:


This is the base of the spritzer and the most important element. Red wine gives you a richer, deeper flavour, while white wines or rosé wines are lighter and fruitier.

Choose your wine according to the type of flavour you want in your spritzer. Choose organic wherever possible of course.


When most people make wine spritzers, they use regular club soda or sparkling water. However, if you’re making a wine spritzer with a dryer wine, you might consider using tonic or lemonade. These sodas add a bit more flavour and sweetness to the spritzer.


You can’t forget the ice! The spritzer is meant to be refreshing and chilled, so you need that ice to give it the coldness that makes it the perfect summer beverage.​

As you can see, wine spritzers are incredibly easy to make, and you’ll find that they’re the cooling drink that can make the heat go away!

Why Spritzers?

Now that we know what a spritzer is, we get down to the really important question: ‘Why make spritzers?’ The answer is actually fairly simple:

  • It’s refreshing

A glass of chilled white wine is wonderfully relaxing, but it’s not always as cold and uplifting as a proper spritzer. If you need something to enjoy after a long day of work, there’s nothing that helps you to kick back like a spritzer.

  • It’s sweet or dry

You can make it your own perfect way to satisfy your cravings without overdoing it. Adjust the soda or lemonade and add in the rich flavours of the wine, and you have an amazing drink!

  • It’s light

If you drank two or three glasses of white or red wine, you’d feel the effects! However, spritzers have been watered down, so it’s a much milder drink. You can enjoy two or three spritzers without feeling such a strong buzz. It can also reduce your alcohol and calorie consumption too.

  • It’s versatile

Just like the wine itself, spritzers are a drink that can be served anywhere and at any time. They make the perfect drink for an outdoor summer party, a cocktail evening, a formal dinner, a garden party, or even a brunch. Because they’re light and refreshing, they are perfect for any event!

We at Vintage Roots can respect a spritzer, and we believe they’re one of the best longer drinks you can make with wine. If you’re looking for something new and creative to do with your bottle of wine, try spritzers.​

How to Make a Spritzer

Want to know how to make a spritzer? It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think!

Below, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite white wine, rosé wine, and red wine spritzer recipe drinks to try. Give them a whirl, and see if they’re not as delicious as we’ve promised.​

The Original ‘Aperol’ Spritz​

At the moment there isn’t an organic version of ‘Aperol’ but we stock a spritz from Walcher that we think is pretty much the same thing.


Walcher Organic Spritz

Classic White Wine Spritzer​

If you enjoy the classic, this is the spritzer recipe for you. With the light, fruity white wine and a splash of club soda, it’s the perfect way to relax on a weekend:​

Classic White Wine Spritzer


Classic White Wine Spritzer


  1. Place the white wine into the fridge to chill for 30 minutes before mixing. (You wouldn’t want the ice to melt too quickly).
  2. Fill your wine glass half-way with ice (smaller pieces, not large chunks). Pour 125ml (small glass measure) of wine into the glass, add 60ml of club soda, and stir gently with a straw or stir-spoon. Garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy.

Classic Red Wine Spritzer

For those who like a richer, deeper flavour, red wine is definitely your better option. The soda helps to soften the strong tastes, but you still want to use a lighter and fruitier wine to make this spritzer:

Classic Red Wine Spritzer

Classic Red Wine Spritzer



  1. Place the red wine in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes before mixing.
  2. Fill a Collins glass half-way with ice (smaller pieces, not large cubes). Pour 125ml of red wine into the glass, add in 60ml of club soda, stir with a spoon or straw, and enjoy.

Classic Rosé Wine Spritzer

Rosé wines are the perfect mid-point between heavy red wines and fruity white wines. If you’re looking for more flavour, rosé wines are definitely the way to go. This simple recipe will give you a delicious wine spritzer that’s perfect for a summer evening! And it looks great too!

Classic Rosé Wine Spritzer


  • Rosé wine
  • Cranberry juice
  • Soda
  • Ice

Classic Rose Wine Spritzer


  1. Chill the wine, juice, and soda for 30 minutes before mixing.
  2. Add ice into a highball glass, and pour in 125ml of rose wine, 45ml of cranberry juice, and 30ml of soda. Stir with a spoon or straw.

Minty White Wine Spritzer

This is a delicious cross between a tropical Mojito/mint Julep and a white wine spritzer. It gives you that minty freshness you can’t help but love, with the chill that only comes from a well-made spritzer.

Minty White Wine Spritzer

Minty White Wine Spritzer



  1. Place the wine and soda in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill before mixing.
  2. Squeeze the lime juice into a highball glass, and add in the mint leaves and agave syrup. Muddle thoroughly, then add crushed ice.
  3. Pour 125 ml of white wine and 60 ml of club soda into the glass, stir with a straw or stir-spoon, and drink.

Best Wines for Spritzers

We’ve learned how to make a spritzer, but do you know which wines are best for making your spritzer recipe? Our Vintage Roots experts have come up with a list of the best wines to use for spritzers:

  • Sauvignon Blanc

The green flavours of a Sauvignon Blanc make for one delicious spritzer, especially when you add in a splash of lime or lemon soda. The aromatic qualities of this mild wine are excellent for mixing.

We recommend the Toscar Airen, a vintage from La Mancha, Spain that packs plenty of light, airy flavour into one beautiful organic package.


Adobe Sauvignon Blanc from Chile would also be a good choice.


  • Grenache

Grenache has beautiful lifted fruit tastes, with low tannins. We love making spritzers with A No Sulphur Added Grenache from Spain, Symphony No Added Sulphur Garnacha

Also, a soft blend containing Grenache from Albet i Noya Petit Albet Red

  • Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir delivers vivacious flavours and rich depth that few other wines can match. However, instead of using a full red, we like to mix up our Rosé wine spritzers with Albet i Noya Curiosa Rosat, a Spanish rose wine that has vivid flavours, fresh fruitiness, and a hint of acidity that blends perfectly with lemon or lime.

  • Riesling

The light, golden wine is perfect for a mild spritzer. It’s sweet enough to mix with only club soda, but not so sweet that it will be sugary when mixed with soda. With strong citrus notes, it’s the perfect refreshing wine.

We love the Beetle Riesling Trocken Qualitätswein, an award-winning German Riesling that delivers a mixture of green apples, citrus, passion fruit, and kiwi flavours and aromas.

It’s fresh and perfect for making a chilled drink!

Making and drinking spritzers is a different way to enjoy your favourite wine and a way to try something new.

The information above will help you to make the perfect wine spritzer to enjoy at any time of the year. Have any amazing spritzer recipes you want to share? Leave a comment below and let us know how we can make more delicious varied spritzers or check out our full range of organic wines to start making your spritzer today!


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